Monday, June 20, 2011

Blessings - Part 1

My parents blessed me. And that is the understatement of the century. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you might remember my mentioning HOW they blessed me. If not, you can read about it HERE.
I remember as a very young child having a fever and rebuking the devil, speaking to Satan and reminding him of his lack of authority in my life - claiming my rights as a child of God. We are talking 4 years old. I remember doing the same with bugs and other things that scared me. I remember quoting Genesis to bees I was scared of to remind them that God said we rule over them and they had no right to sting me. And, no surprise, they didn't.

My parents made this very intentional effort to bless me, but I'm not sure if they realized at the time the true blessing of that blessing. When you read about blessings in the Bible, they seem formal, a proclamation, a formality, I think of Isaac placing his hand on Jacob's head and giving him his blessing. It would seem that it was a passive thing, not really about teaching. However, the blessing they said over me stated to me, to God, and to Satan, my rights as a believer - "I am the head and not the weapon formed against me will prosper...I am a disciple taught of the Lord."

However, while they were saying it, all the while I was learning - this is who I am. This is who God is. I was receiving faith to know God will do what He says He will. I was learning my rights as a believer. I was learning spiritual warfare, and I was learning battle strategy. I was learning that the Word is a shield that we quote for defense and offense. I was learning that the Word is real and active, a powerful part of my life.
Wow. All that from a passive blessing. Come to find out, it wasn't so passive after all. What a gift! Happy Father's Day to my Daddy, but what gift can ever compare to that kind of thing?
...More on the blessing coming soon...

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