Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Back! With Lots of Pictures

It has taken about a week to get functional Internet out here in the country, but we finally did it! We are learning to take everything much slower! And we are learning to stock up so we don't have to go into town so much! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to around here: Unpacking and settling in mainly. I love beige sheer curtains that blow in the open windows!

Catching critters! The kids have spent most of their time exploring in the woods.

B and my dad cut some great trails through the woods with a tractor. It's pretty raggedy and rough back there on the back 6 acres.

There's a few cactus in the woods with some beautiful blooms - and LOTS of wild blackberry vines almost ripe.

Too many mesquite trees. It's going to take a lot to clear some land for horse pasture.

We've spent some time reading and doing school on the front porch.

A couple days ago Gracie ran into the house carrying this find - a newborn baby bunny! It's eyes aren't even open yet. She put it back and we've seen the mama with it twice so we think it will survive. We were worried the mom might reject it because of Gracie's scent, but it seems to be doing okay. The kids are keeping an eye out for hawks and buzzards (Daniel stood watch with his bb gun yesterday for most of the day). Gracie kept a lookout with her binoculars.

Gracie keeps a good watch on the neighbor's horses. She is hoping to be helpful and volunteer to exercise them (just to be a good neighbor and all).

This is the end of our driveway.

Daniel - protector from all evil birds of prey.

We had fun ripping up the old carpet and writing verses on the subfloor.

The whole family took a trip to Nana's house for supper. She lives less than 1 1/2 miles away.

We pulled down the fence around the pool. We wanted to be able to see some view behind it. The view which is scraggly at the moment, but will surely improve with time and some effort. Well, not my effort of course - that's B's department. On another note: pools are complicated, incredibly expensive, and possibly a bit of a pain! We have found 2 parts needing to be replaced in the pump already and figuring out the chemical balance has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. We attended pool school, but I felt like I was flunking high school chemistry.

We live at the end of the cutest little country lane. It is exactly .5 miles to the mailbox. Not a bad little 1 mile daily workout there and back. I'll be back with more adventures soon!

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