Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Clean-out

The possibility of a move looms over us - but the details are still sketchy. Anyway - these thoughts and the Spring-like planting weather have caused me to kick into higher than normal levels of Spring Clean-out Fever.

So - here's our plan. I made a list of every area that needs to be gone through - broken down in manageable areas. There are about 20 items/areas on my list and it is my goal to focus on 1 per day. I would LOVE it if this meant I could take out of this house a bag of junk to get rid of everyday! Like a GARBAGE BAG. Ahh, that would be so awesome. High hopes? Yes. I'm beginning to think 2 of my 3 children might be packrats. Can that be unlearned? I am trying.

I always like to take the "Clean Sweep TV show approach" and empty the entire space so that you can really see what you've got. I put tarps out for keep, throw away, & garage sale. This has been SO effective in the kid's rooms in the past. Mainly because you can say - okay, you have 5 purses - which 2 do you want to put in the keep pile? It is time consuming, but really for a pack rat kid it is the only way to get them to let go.

My biggest personal challenge? Piles and PILES of papers! Unbelievable stacks! Graded homeschool work. UNGRADED homeschool work. Great ideas for homeschool work. Stacks of things I am planning for later - stacks and stacks and gobs. Lets just plan for 3-4 days for THAT clean-out. Yuck.

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