Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up

Okay. All birthdays are done. Parties with friends done. Christmas done. Scheduled visits done. Everything back in the attic. Outside Christmas & birthday toys have been thoroughly enjoyed during a wonderful week of 65+ degree weather. Now, I don't mind if winter comes. Some school was done this week, but Monday begins the week as usual. Here are a few pictures and highlights... We had a fun trip to the zoo with Shalome! We liked the howler monkeys best. I've been so frustrated with this strange blur on top left of my photos; was it the cold morning air? sunlight?some kind of strange malfunction? I struggled with it and wondered why it ruined so many photos! Was something terribly wrong with my nice, new camera? No! It was a smudge on the lens. Duh? I'm so smart.
We have to do the Christmas pageant with each set of cousins.
This was a rather UNIQUE production with Mary and Joseph going to the Superbowl in Arlington and gangsters instead of shepherds. Interesting.

Our games at my parent's were a huge hit. The Amazing Race was so much fun. This is Daniel and Sydney racing to empty a Kleenex box in 60 seconds in our Minute to Win it Game.
Then of course they had the empty Kleenex boxes to strap on and bounce 8 ping pong balls out of.
No trip to Grandma & Grandads can be complete without some major family sporting event. Baseball or basketball or something.
Gracie and her friend Anna both got matching quilts made by their older sisters. They LOVED them!
Gracie had a fun skating party with some of her best friends. Daniel had a fun party at Chuck E. Cheese with some of his friends.
All this excitement has about done Abby in. She is ready for a few weeks of QUIET! Me too, Abby! Me Too!

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