Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Non-Traditional Christmas Celebrations

My family often attempts to defy convention with out-of-the ordinary Christmas events. Not that we don't love a good turkey and dressing, green bean casserole thing as much as anyone else. We've done finger foods and Mexican foods and a few other food things. We've never been much for gifts - a few years we filled each other's stockings with mini-gifts, drawn names, we've done the whole White Elephant thing, and last year we had the kids write a whole Christmas program and perform it.

They were kinda hem-hawing about Christmas this year. I didn't want to do same-ol' same ol' gifts and food. Why are family get-togethers all about food? If it was up to me we'd have sandwiches or pizza on paper plates! No clean up, no mess, no trouble! The grandkids are getting older 8+20 years and we need some active excitement. My parents have about 3 simple conditions they insist upon:

  • They want everybody around for a while - no eat and go affair.
  • They want GOOD food (not sandwiches), and in order to have that, well; they cook it.
  • They want to be able to buy something for all the grandkids.

Other than that they don't really care what we do- so, I kind of took over. So, here's the plan. Each sibling/family (there are 3 of us) will provide a game for all of us to play. Something active and fun that we can all do.

  • My sister will plan a scavenger hunt - with some GPS geocache-type elements.
  • I will plan a big Amazing Race event with some challenges, stuff you have to eat really fast, a few gross things, places you have go, and matching team colors.
  • My sister-in-law will be creating a family Trivial Pursuit challenge with questions from the Family's past. I'm pretty sure my brother won't be much help to her.

In addition to some marshmallow roasting and some cousin tent-sleeping (if the weather allows) - it should be an interesting, but fun holiday.

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