Friday, October 8, 2010

Art History Class - Sculpture Experiment

I LOVED today's Art lesson for our co-op art history class. We EXPERIENCED sculpture! It's one thing to look at great works of art, but to understand how hard it is to create one is to gain a whole new level of appreciation!
We didn't really have an objective for our creations. I just wanted them to experience the tools and try to smooth a section of the rock. Some of the kids were ambitious and drew out something to actually sculpt.
Our tools were much like those Michaelangelo would have used, very simple. We were all struck by the patience it would take to create a real masterpiece, and we experienced the rock chipping off unexpectedly and ruining our plans. Rock is not very forgiving.

It was a lot harder than they expected, but a fun way to understand sculpted rock! Next week we will learn more about some great sculptors.

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