Saturday, September 4, 2010

Texas Beach Trip!

Yes, we have beaches in Texas, too! After living in North Carolina - we expected to be slightly disappointed with the Texas beaches, but they were great. Kinda seaweedy, but the water was WAY warmer than the east coast! We've been to Galveston but I don't remember ever going to Padre Island. I know I probably went as a kid. ANYWAY a beach is a beach ... we love beaches of any kind and we had a great time!
That's Daniel boogy boarding in the background. My parents hosted their annual grandkid fun time called Max Camp -this year at Padre Island. They took all 3 kids down south on Tuesday in their camper and parked right on the beach. They played in the water pretty much all day every day for 4 days straight. We picked them up on Saturday - and we brought the dog along with us on the 6+ hour trip south. The dog was a BIG PAIN by the way and I think her traveling days are numbered. SHE was good, but traveling with animals is just crazy, I think next time we'll board her or something.

The kids had fun doing some park ranger programs; earning their junior ranger badges and exploring the park.
We used these cool PVC things to get shrimp out of the sand. The kids found lots of sand dollars and crabs (a crab bit our dog on the nose). The kids talked the whole way home about all of their adventures and retold all the Max stories. Uncle Todd and Aunt Allison took them kayaking and Max showed them how to snorkel.

Sending the kids down so early in the week was a spontaneous decision and the teacher side of me hates to have them miss so much school. We didn't get much normal school done this week; but as we are studying Texas History this year I think this trip ought to count for something! Plus all that science -

Here a ranger is showing them some really cool coral on the beach. I would've thought this was rope that had washed up, wouldn't you? It has a soft outside and the inside skeleton is very much like wire. It was used by Indians (there's some history & science) for all kinds of things. They had some really interesting programs! So, educational and fun - what a great field trip -er...week of field trips - field trip week! Max Camp is always full of incredible adventures! As our motto for my parents is in our house, "You never know with Max and Nana!"

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