Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Peppers! and Cooking Plans

I didn't mean to plant so many pepper plants. I found six packs of peppers on sale and I had to plant them all! We have peppers everywhere! Banana peppers, jalapeno peppers - we have stuffed them and made salsa with them. They were piling up and I debated about what to do. I kind of wanted to pickle a bunch, but I don't really foresee any of my family eating them that way. They will most go to use in salsas and sauces. So, I decided to chop them up and freeze them.

I've seen the little warning on a hot pepper recipe, wear gloves when chopping peppers, but that is just for sissys, right? Mercy, I will never again chop hot peppers like that without a haz-mat suit on! Seriously, I will from now on wear gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask. You couldn't walk into the kitchen last night without coughing just from inhaling them. I wore a breathing mask, but my hands are still burning the next day! I had to put ice packs on them last night. Ouch! The burn is such a slow burn - 15-20 minutes after contact, that you often don't realize what you've done. Gloves are not just for sissys!

So, we are quickly approaching our school year beginning Monday and I have so much to do! I think we will have an annual tradition of a Back to School cleaning week. I'd like to have everything in good shape before we get back to the grind!

Monday: Cooking, Laundry & Floors. Cooking Baked Goods - I continue my obsession with frozen muffins. We like them straight out of the freezer, is that strange?

Tuesday: Bathrooms and Dust

Wednesday: Clean a Nasty Thing Day. Each kid will take a on a neglected thing to clean- refrigerator cleanout, windows, and a nasty large 4-legged furry thing.

Thursday: Cooking and Bedrooms

Friday: Shopping & Prepare Meat for 2 Weeks

I really like to freezer cook, but I also like to spread it out and cook the meat one day, baked goods one day, and put everything together another day. My minimum requirement is to get the meat pre-cooked and packaged in 1 lb. bags for quick use. So, that's the plan for a busy week! Hopefully I can spend some time this week completing some school organization as well!

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