Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frugal Fun for Kids

I posted earlier about SEEDS FAMILY WORSHIP and the 5 CD's online you can listen to. We are actually using these for some Bible memory this year. I have also mentioned how my kids love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey online. Tons of episodes on their website! Lunchtime is our read aloud time for school. Dad sometimes reads to everyone in the evening - he does the best voices, especially when he does the buzzards from Hank the Cowdog. The kids love it! We never go on a road trip without some Hank CDs from the library.

I love our read aloud time, but some days I've already had 4 1/2 hours of teaching 3 grades by lunch and I just need to eat some lunch in peace. That's one of the times when we like to turn on Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, my kids will do twice the chores when they are listening to a book on tape. I've really worked this to my advantage, see. The kid who does laundry gets to go off in my bedroom and listen to a tape. It is a coveted chore. Nice. Let's fight to see who gets to fold the clothes.

We haven't really experienced Jonathan Park until recently. I always see them listed in the CBD catalog, but I have never justified the expense; they are kind of pricey. I just found that you can also listen to one episode a week online for free -Jonathan Park! We borrowed a few episodes from a friend and WE LOVE these CD's! Very educational too.

Another great resource that is way cool is that our local library has these way cool little mp3 things called Playaway. Does your library have these things? They are so cool! They each have 1 book only loaded on them. They are tiny little things that fit in your pocket, you plug in your own headphones of course. A neat, fun way to listen to a book without hassle. I am okay with listening to books as long as they are not on my required reading lists, then my kids will just have to read the real thing.
This week I am listening to John Grisham's newest novel (which is for kids by the way) Theodore Boone. I always read books from the kid's section. I know that when I am old and all my kids have left home I am going to still be going to the library and reading kid's books. Maybe then ... when I have more time I'll start writing some.

Have a great day!

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