Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy, busy!

I haven't posted much lately! We've been busy with school - and between pulling lots of teeth...chasing toads...
finishing up the basketball season... and watching TONS of softball...

...actually it seems most of our time has been spent watching softball, that's Ally stealing to 3rd. I accidentally took tons of pictures -that were not pictures but video - and these weren't exactly video moments so I'll spare you the upload. So, not much to show for some VERY long weekends of 104+ degree heat and dirt and softball.
We allowed Ally to try a select travel team for the first time this season. We have been reluctant to do this in the past because of the traveling, and most of all missing church. This team fortunately only plays locally, so that is a plus. It has been very educational. It has been a good experience for her; lots of playing time and instruction. But, man it is hard on the family -not something we'd do if her siblings were younger! They play 3-4 games a day, it hasn't exactly been a frugal venture, and although this was the 1st tournament that went into Sunday morning -we really hate missing church on Sunday mornings. This weekend we borrowed my parent's camper and it made the weekend a bit more fun and relaxing. At least we had somewhere to go to get out of the heat and grab some snacks. With an hour between games; you can't really leave the ballfield.
My mother's camper is a thing of beauty! Every nook and cranny organized with little containers and baskets of every possible thing you might need, fully stocked with the makings for 2-3 meals, fully stocked with supplies should you decide to go fishing, deep sea diving, or spend an afternoon playing boardgames. Amazing. I feel really bad about returning it to her dirty. My husband decided to take off and I didn't even sweep out the ball dirt! Sorry mom! I'll make it up to you!
I was certain everyone was terribly sunburnt, but come to find out layers of sweat and dirt mixed with bug spray make excellent sunblock. After a good shower I found that everyone was actually not too bad off under all that dirt.

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Barb J. said...

Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom! Those tournaments take a lot of stamina for the families as well as the players.