Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shed 5 Pounds Fast! Review

Lindsay BrinI have had the opportunity to review a neat fitness program called Shed 5 Fast. You can go HERE to see Lindsay Brin's website with all the details about her fitness programs. What I like best about this program is that it is designed with Mommies in mind, so the workout is tailored to really efficiently target tummies and other trouble areas.

Lindsay BrinThe DVD has 2 different workouts. Each are only 30 minutes, which is just right for me. It isn't an easy workout, but it is fun and it goes quickly, you are up and down a lot which keeps it from being boring. Lindsay outlines a whole program, the website is very helpful with plans and even a diet menu. You are supposed to do the video 3 times a week and do some cardio (walking or something) a couple times a week.

This is an excellent video to have, most every busy mom can carve out 30 minutes and you don't have to load everyone up to go to the gym or the Y. I would highly recommend this video - especially for those with young kids.

I am not through six weeks, I have been really doing a lot more cardio and jogging this summer, but I suspect you could easily lose a lot more than 5 lbs if you really pursued this program. I'm shooting for losing 5 more pounds by September. For me it is not about losing baby fat - I just want to be able to keep up with my active big kids hiking, biking, jogging and all those things. I'll update you on my progress in September and I'll let you know more about how I have done on this program. I am hoping to run (okay jog slowly) a mini-triathlon in the fall. There have been too many times lately that everyone has to wait for mom! I really want my family to be active and unfortunately as with most things - the best way to get those results in your kids is to model it!

This video is $15.99 - BUT you can use the coupon code below to get it 20% off! Buy it HERE!
Lindsay Brin

This DVD was provided by Moms into Fitness and Mama Buzz for the purposes of review only.

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