Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's Out!

Everyone was so excited to finish up their schoolwork. One-by-one they finished up and had their own celebration.
Ally did about 5 math pages, wrote a 5 paragraph essay, and did a spelling test this morning, so she really was glad to see it all get done today!

The girls are headed to church camp this weekend, and Daniel will go to "Camp Grand" at Grandma's house. I am going to enjoy a quiet birthday with my husband!
We are off now on another adventure! Our hen died last night! I'm not sure how. She was such a sweet hen. We were very sad (especially Gracie!) and we decided that we wanted to see our rooster go to a good home. We had planned to eat him, but after the tragic death of the last chicken, I didn't think kid #2 could take the trauma. So, we are off to deliver him to his new home. A friend told me of a lady with about 15 hens and no rooster, so he should live quite happily with his many new wives. ...AND not a moment too soon as we woke this morning to some FULL fledged crowing! So, can you imagine the sight of us driving down the road with a rooster crowing in the dog kennel in the back of the SUV? We have the best adventures!

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