Wednesday, June 2, 2010

party poppers

Homeschooling gives us lots of flexibility and we love to take off to explore our passions throughout the year, but the mean teacher INSISTS that curriculum gets completed before summer can begin! Now, summer fever has hit and the kids are wanting to play, summer swimming and activities are in full swing. Some subjects such as science and history were completed in May. All 3 kids have some math to complete, and a few other subjects.

I am never one to hold anyone back if they choose to exceed normally expected workloads. So, I told the kids when they individually complete their work, they can have summer break. This has caused them to do 2-3 times the normal daily work. One additional incentive is the popper awaiting each child on the bookshelf. As soon as they complete all their required grade work, they can take the popper and have a little celebration of their own and make it officially summer.

Daniel did 5 math pages in today. I expect everyone to be done by tomorrow. THIS teacher is READY for summer! I have scrapbooking, canning, and crafting calling for my attention. Oh yeah, and laundry, too, but I'll just keep ignoring those calls.

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