Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freezer Cooking Week

I love freezer cooking! You know, you work one day in the kitchen, make a big huge mess, but basically you can theoretically not have to make much fuss for the the whole month of cooking. Genius.

I do a mini-version of freezer cooking. Okay, I LIKE to do a mini version when I have the time and energy. I like to come home from the grocery store and immediately cook up 3 lbs of ground meat and put 3 pounds of chicken in the crockpot. The next day I could cook up 6+casseroles in no time OR, I can put the meat ready to go in the freezer for quick meals. This pretty much will get us through 2 weeks of meals.
Here is a spaghetti squash all ready for eating! My spaghetti squash has taken over the garden! It is growing down the side of the house into the hedges and into the driveway. I have about 5 getting ready to pick. I still CANNOT believe that my picky, vegetable hating son loves this vegetable so much. I cook the squash cut in two, face down for about an hour; then as seen above I scoop the seeds out and fluff the squash with a fork into strings - every bit of it should turn to strings, (if it doesn't you didn't cook it long enough) I scrape it all the way to the skin. I cook a little bit of whole wheat spaghetti. Originally, I did this to disguise the squash, but now it is just to make it enough in volume to feed everyone. I add sauce as always for normal spaghetti.
I am spreading some cooking out into 3 days to keep my summer days laid back and easy. Day 1 - beef. Day 2-baking. Day 3 - chicken.
Today, my lovely 9 year old assistant in all things domestic (most days I think I am her assistant) is going to be cooking up some massive muffins for the freezer in 3 flavors.

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