Monday, May 3, 2010

CoverMate Review

CoverMate Food Covers
CoverMate sent me these great CoverMate Food Covers to review a few weeks ago. What a great product! Here's a video showing you how they work:

CoverMate Food Covers
These things are great! My favorite use for them is to cover up a plate of food to save for later, or when a kid doesn't eat all his Chicken Pot Pie and has to eat it later! My oldest has to clear the table and put the food away after meals, so she has raved about them and how easy it makes her life.
I have these huge stainless steel mixing bowls with no lids I use all the time and with clingwrap I have to piece together 2 or 3 pieces to cover the top- the Extra Large size covermate just fit it just right and makes it so easy. Not to mention all the other containers around here with LOST or hard to find lids!

CoverMate Food Covers
A few more cool things about CoverMate -
  • you can microwave them - great for keeping your microwave clean
  • they are BPA free
  • you can put them in the dishwasher to clean them - turn them inside out - and stretch them over a plate and put them in the dishwasher!
  • so handy for potlucks and taking food places!
  • FRUGAL! I've hardly used any Saran Wrap or Foil at all since I got them

    You can actually got to this link and get a free sample pack (you pay shipping) and you get $1 off coupon for more as well.
OR you could win a totally FREE variety pack with 11 great covers in it -by following here on my blog! Just leave me a quick comment with your email address - let me know if you are a follower and you'll be entered to win! You have until May 12th, so be sure and enter as soon as possible!

These CoverMate products were provided by MamaBuzz and CoverMate for the purposes of review only.


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