Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soup Weather

I love soup weather! I love to cook a big pot of soup that lasts 3 days! It makes my life so easy and I just love soup. The family gets a little tired of it about the 3rd day, but if you have soup you can always do something different with it! You can serve it with different breads or crackers, or pour it over noodles and make it into a casserole. And soup is so cheap and healthy! Here's some great recipes for curling up with some great soup weather!
  • Way easy and cheap black bean soup

  • Of course, my favorite mac and cheese soup

  • Lately, we have been having some variation of easy potato soup about once a week. Now that my dad gave me a little potato soup cooking lesson, I trick it up and have made some pretty good variations -I love to make it like a potato corn chowder.

  • My friend Laura made this wonderful Tomato Bisque soup -only 2 ingredients! Heavy Cream and 3 of the large cans of plain spaghetti sauce. That sounds weird, but it is really good!

  • Paula Deen's gotta pretty mean Taco Soup recipe here

I buy all my groceries for 2 weeks when I shop. So, I generally buy 5 pounds of ground beef or turkey and about a 5 lb chicken and kind of plan all my meals around that. I immediately put the chicken in the crock pot. Next, I brown all the meat with a couple of onions as soon as I get home and mix 2lbs of it with onion soup and freeze it - that seasons it up nicely and I can pop it in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots and leftover veggies from the frig for a great easy stew. I mix 1 lb with taco seasoning for something fast and easy later on in the week, and the other 2lbs. I brown up, season and freeze in separate containers for a fast mix in a casserole or something later in the week. I love to have meals planned out for the whole 2 weeks, but realistically that doesn't always happen!

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