Friday, November 13, 2009

An un-rushed life

Today I had a lot of school subjects I wanted the kids to get to -a lot of inside studying I wanted to rush -rush them through. But, the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and the wind has been blowing pecans off our pecan tree all morning and the squirrels are going NUTS! My first instinct is to get agitated and rush the kids back inside to hurry into bookwork, but you know, there are times to rush and there are times to sit back and observe. I think the learning that comes from un-rushed observation is what so many kids are lacking. They'll rush and drive off everywhere, sit in traffic, and complain about slow drivers for most of their lives when they are grown. We can take an afternoon to lay back and watch squirrels!
When I stop MY rushing and go out to join them, I can see how much they really are learning. Made me kind of philosophical. I got out my copy of Wordsworth poems - there is this poem I was thinking of - "The Tables Turned" - "Enough of science and of art; close up those barren leaves; come forth, and bring with you a heart, that watches and receives."
Good stuff.

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