Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bread Trouble

Well, my bread was only slightly improved by the new recipe. I'm sad. It rose a bit more - but it's still not right - not rising up over the top of the pan like it should! I have decided that breadmaking is one of those things that is not about recipes or head-knowledge -it's a "feel" thing. And I haven't had quite enough experience to figure it all out, yet. You just kinda figure out what the bread is supposed to feel like, look like and you just know. So I left out one little thing and I think that did it. When you put the bread in a bowl to rise, you grease the bowl and turn the bread over in it to get the oil on the bread all the way around. I didn't do that this time and the bread was all dry on the top when it rose - MAYBE that was it. I really feel like making another couple of loaves tonight so I can figure it out! But, my mini-baking day has kind of put us behind on some schooling that needs to be done.
Remind me again why I wanted to make all these muffins? I made a total of 144 mini muffins today! 96 of the pumpkin recipe (see post a few days back) and 48 banana chocolate chip. The pumpkin ones are fabulous! What a great recipe- and the kids LOVED them. The pumpkin really makes them moist and good. The banana ones on the other hand were not so great. I won't even bother to share the recipe. The kids didn't like them, and Byron hates Banana, so I think I'm gonna be eating some banana muffins all by myself. They're okay, but the banana taste is pretty strong, they also have sour cream in them, just an odd flavor.

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