Friday, October 30, 2009

Review: Rattlesnake Rules

"Animals learn rules by living

They have no books or schools

Please pay attention to this story

For even rattlesnakes have rules"

Five Star Publications: Rattlesnake Rules

by Conrad J. Storad

Price: $12.88

Put out by: Five Star Publications

Ages: 4 to 9

We just finished a reptile unit, so this book fit in well with our studies this fall. Daniel loved the pictures, and we all liked the rattlesnake girl with a ribbon on her head. The book has a neat concept, talking about the rules rattlesnakes follow, and the rules people should follow as well. I think it really is a good approach to get kids to understand and respect reptiles and why they do what they do.

The older kids really liked all the fun facts in the back of the book, too. This part of the book contains rattlesnake mysteries, vocabulary, and a curriculum guide, but our favorite section was- rattlesnake myths vs. facts. We thought we really knew a lot about snakes, but we really learned some things from this section. For example, I've always thought rattlesnakes always rattled before striking, but they don't.

We highly recommend this book -it got us to talking about some of the rules other animals follow as well. It would be a great addition to a reptile unit.

The link below will take you to a website for the book, which includes a neat kid stuff tab with a coloring page and a short video about how the artist drew the pictures for the book.

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Five Star Publications

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