Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Class Resources

In our art class Thursday we are learning about Van Gogh and doing some neat versions of his most famous paintings. Here is a great site to learn a lot about Van Gogh. And if you missed our class, you can try to make your own versions of a Van Gogh painting

This is a great site with games, art projects step by step, and some neat activities for budding artists.

Two projects we are working on are detailed at the links below. These are two things I really wanted to do in our Thursday night art class, but mess, time, and expense with that many kids prevented it:

The first is a salt dough leaf print. Daniel mixed up the dough yesterday, and we are going to paint them tomorrow. The recipe is very simple and this link walks you through step by step.

Here's what ours are looking like today. We took them out of the oven and outlined the leaf with a brown Sharpie so we could see where to paint.

Our other project (we'll tackle this next week) is making paper bag pumpkins. This link has all the details.
I'll post again tomorrow with a few recipes from our make-ahead day.

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