Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We have had lots of fun with our lapbooks we have done this year. They are alot of work for the kids - it is almost like tons of little reports, but it has been a neat way to do things. They have learned a lot and really enjoyed it. As you can see by the picture, they are made by hot-gluing 3 file folders together (the folders are folded funny where the outsides meet in the middle). These lapbooks tell everything there is to know about reptiles. Ally's is at the top and has a lot more writing, & complex stuff the others don't. Daniel's on the bottom has more coloring and info about snakes and kimodo dragons ('cause those are big interests of his right now). I actually bought this lapbook kit for like $10.00, but they are all over the internet for free. One great site is:
they have a long list of some great lapbooks. We have already completed plant lapbooks for all 3 kids, and Gracie did one on Pocahontas. Gracie will do a lot of the lapbooks from the above site for history this year. There is a great one on Ben Franklin. Last week we made quill pens and wrote with them. We are also trying to learn to use a drop spindle -but that isn't working out so well -it is VERY hard!

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