Friday, September 18, 2009

Art Class

We had a great time at our GWCHE homeschool group Art Class last night. This is my 8 year old, Gracie's painting. I have taught this same group of lessons for art classes in public schools, private schools, and all kinds of other groups but I don't think it has ever been so easy! They did SO well! 50 kids, a 1 1/2 hour class, and NO problems? Unheard of. I've never had a group so great at following directions. I didn't really think of that as a quality that comes from homeschooling. You know what I think? I think they were better at listening - maybe because they have been listened TO more than average. They LOVE the part of Art Class where we talk about Art History, too! Usually I get eye rolls and yawns for that part, but several of them asked for more pictures. Maybe I just caught them on a good night. They really produced some great art, too! They surprised me!
However, we didn't have enough time to complete our fish. So here's the steps to complete it:
1. Finish the little details in pencil if you haven't already.
2. Paint the fish with nice, bright colors.
3. After the painting is completely dry, trace over your pencil lines with a black marker.
4. Cut out your fish and glue onto blue paper. I know, it is hard to find that big paper, one suggestion is to get a piece of blue posterboard and cut it down to the right size.

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Tressa said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the art with our kiddos! SUCH A BLESSING it was!!

And I know what you mean about teaching a "different" crowd when it comes to homeschoolers. They just have a different capacity than others who are not.

We finished our fish today. Still need to trace and cut out.

BLESSINGS over your weekend!!!