Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooftop School

Did you ever have assigned seats in school, or have a teacher that made you sit boy, girl, boy, girl? I hated that. We decided that today we would have school on the roof of the playhouse. They can get to it pretty easily by climbing the limbs of the tree the treehouse is in.

We are still working on hiking 2 miles a day. There are lots of woods and two pretty good parks within two miles of us, so that makes for a good destination. The dog really struggles.
Ally should be completely finished with her quilt soon. It was supposed to be a twin size, but I think it will be more like queen. She chose all the fabrics (her favorite things) and has done it all by herself, by hand until the last bit, when I convinced her to use the sewing machine. She is excited about her sewing class at the homeschool co-op, she really has a great teacher. She is also taking a literature class, theater, karate, cross-country, and a science lab class.

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