Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cowtown Fun

The kids got to go in the Human Cowpin Maze in Fort Worth. It was harder than they expected. Not only did they have to find their way through, they had to locate 4 checkpoints.
We watched from above, but I often wondered if I would see them again. It came a hard rain twice while they were in there, but they couldn't get out to get to shelter. They were drenched!

It was very tricky!

Cowboys roaming the streets getting ready to herd in some doggies!

Truly the funniest thing about our trip was the fact that the dog (we have learned) WILL NOT PEE on a leash. We've been to grandmas and nana's and had no problems, but the dog clearly has some privacy issues. After a solid day of no "activity," and scared for what Nana would do to us if our dog peed in her camper, we took her to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. As soon as she heard the sound of all that rushing water, she quickly ran for the nearest grassy area and peed and peed and peed. It was very stressful all weekend to watch her - knowing she has to go - walking her for hours on end- with no luck. Strange dog. We are planning to take her on a week long hike in September, maybe we should bring along a special privacy tent or something?

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