Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resurrection Buns Recipe

Several people asked about the Resurrection Buns we always made at LCA. They are very easy!
  • Use Grands biscuits (original - no flaky) and flatten them to about 5+ inches. (Talk with children about when Jesus was beaten and crucified).
  • Sprinkle with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. (Talk about how they prepared His body for burial with spices, how sad they were...).
  • Fold up a large marshmallow inside the flattened biscuit and place crease side down on a cookie sheet. You might want to line the cookie sheet with foil- it might get pretty messy. (Talk about how the marshmallow represents Jesus, pure and white, perfect without sin. The biscuit is the tomb).
  • Sprinkle more butter cinnamon and sugar on the outside of the biscuit and cook according to normal package directions. When done, allow them to cool and then break or cut them open. The marshmallow will be melted and the bun will be hollow. (Talk about how Jesus is no longer in the tomb, He rose from the dead).

Have fun! Happy Easter!

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