Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break?

We are having a spread out -crazy half-Spring Break days over the next few months. Waco has it's Spring Break this week, so there are lots of fun things going on around here. Cousins have their Spring Breaks next week, so we are wanting to go camping with them, and then we are planning to go camping and hiking in April - so we are just having random half-days of reading and math only here and there. We are getting to the point that we are finishing a lot of our subjects for school, so we will be having lots of fun learning and lots of fun reading for the end of the year.
I am amazed at how well Daniel is reading! He picked out a book in the library and read it to me today and did a super job! Ally's softball is going to be a serious challenge to say the least! She is in a league of older girls and it is like being on a serious travel team. She is eager to learn alot from the experience, though. Gracie is getting great at all her gymnastics moves and has developed some really great friendships with some neat kids. So many of the families we are with regularly have 6 and even 7 kids - there is generally a friend for all of them.
We had a fun weekend when Shannon and Eddie and two of their kids (Byron's sister)came and spent the weekend with us. We visited the Texas Ranger Museum with them Saturday.
The dog is doing really well! She is smart and she hasn't peed in the house for a good long while. She still gets us up at least twice a night to go outside, but we're adjusting.

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Hey! Sounds like y'all are adjusting great! We sure miss y'all! SO I have a blog now too... but I don't know how to link to yours... maybe you do?!?!my blog is

Talk to you later!