Friday, March 27, 2009

Field Trip

We took Abby to the vet today and had a field trip with a behind the scenes tour. We got to see the surgery area, X-ray, and see some dogs and learn about their treatment. Everyone asked lots of great questions -I don't think the vet had had to explain that much before -Gracie had a list. They were most curious about how and why animals are put to sleep. It was a great field trip and we learned alot.
Ally has her first softball game tomorrow and she is going to be playing catcher. It is a tough position - a lot of pressure to stop those runs at home, and the ball will coming at her at around 45-50mph. The pitcher for the team also has a lot of crazy drop balls, screw balls and things like that for Ally to get used to catching. She is really looking forward to the Disciple Now weekend that is coming up soon at church just for 5th and 6th graders.
Gracie woke up sick with a fever this morning, not sure what is going on with her. She is taking the day off of school and taking it easy. She got to go to Samuel Circle at church Wednesday, a special time for 1-4th graders to meet and pray for our church, country, and missionaries around the world. It was really neat.
Daniel is being a mess today - not wanting to do his school work! He and the dog are getting really tight and they enjoy their rowdy time together. He is loving coach pitch and found out last night his time will be the Tigers. His games will start on April 23rd.
Love to All,

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