Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gracie's Turns 8!

Gracie's birthday requests were really simple this year. She wanted our whole family to go skating together and eat a nice dinner at home. She is going to have her best friend, Gracie come over and spend the night on Friday, too. She is very excited about the spy gadgets she got for her birthday. She is also making everyone potholders like crazy.
Mom kind of messed up, though. We got to the skating place and it was closed! We decided to go to the movies instead, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We watched the Tale of Desperaux and got big milkshakes. We had a great time. We will all get to go skating Friday with the two Gracies.
Byron had to see a doctor about his knee on Monday. It keeps swelling up and hurting. The doctor said it wasn't anything too major. He drained the fluid off the knee and he said it is a common problem for people who have occupations where they are on their knees all the time. Byron said that describes the job of a pastor well, on his knees in prayer alot. Byron is still going to play basketball this week, but the doctor said he has to pray from a chair from now on.
Love to all,

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