Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at our house

This is what Christmas looked like for us this year. And this is the best we can do for a snowman. The weather has been SO beautiful 70 - 80 degrees every day!
Max and Nana came the week before Christmas with an early Christmas surprise, a trampoline. We have been bouncing ever since. I've not been keeping up with my posts because my camera battery died.
We had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas; after getting up before 5am, we played all day, played games, did a huge jigsaw puzzle, and Byron fixed honestly the best turkey any of us had ever put in our mouths! The kids chose the menu so we had to have oreo pie instead of other traditional desserts. Gracie got a purple hat that she has hardly taken off since Christmas morning, Daniel got all kinds of cool action figures, and Ally got cowboy boots special ordered from Texas because there just isn't a Sheplers in all of North Carolina. Grandma, Grandad & GG got us Guitar Praise which turns out to be really for Daddy because he is hogging it all the time so far and he is really great at it. He thinks he is a rock star.
We love you all!

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