Friday, October 17, 2008

Wow! We have a blog!

Everyone is tired today after staying up late at a Big Daddy Weave concert in Wilmington. We were more impressed with Rush of Fools I think. Gracie was in Rock Star Heaven, then she crashed and fell asleep during Big Daddy Weave. Ally and Gracie and Mom took some students, but Dad and Daniel stayed home and kind of had a boy's night in.
Today is Friday so we cut our school day kind of short to feed the football team.

Gotta get to school,


Sandra said...

Wow! You have a blog and I finally figured out how to get into it! This will be great to keep up with if I can remember how I got here...No, really, I will just save to my Favorites! Daniel looks dangerous with that spider. I think he is already thinking of ways to scare his sisters. But, he better be careful because I bet his sisters can come up with a few scary things themselves! Hope you all are having a great day! Lvoe from Grandma

Elana said...
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