Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hooky Fun

Some people freak when we talk about encouraging our kids to play hooky from school.  We think next to God time, family time is the most important thing kids have going.  Yes, it is even more important than grades and sports.  And... our summers are always busy.  Particularly for dad with a full time job and being a student pastor - his summer days off are usually devoted to OTHER people's kids.  Yet another reason the homeschool life is ideal for a ministry family, but for now that's not where God has us.  So, for us, playing hooky is sometimes the best way to squeeze in some family time.  We visited the Great Wolf Lodge - always fun.  Although, the kids were kind of "been there done that" and didn't really want to spend too much time at the waterpark.  They love the waterslides, but the girls especially were most looking forward to cuddling up in a big hotel bed, eating popcorn, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a movie.  Yet another of the 7 million reasons not having a TV at home is awesome - it is special when we do get to watch it.
We visited the Texas State Fair.  Fried cookie dough, corn dogs, and my new favorite - funnel cake fries, and that ice cold root beer that you can only find at the fair.
We visited the Dead Sea Scrolls at the seminary, and by the end of the two days we were all smooth worn out! 
Then, this morning Daniel got braces!  We got him a good mouth guard for football - gotta take care of those teeth.

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