Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Wild at Heart by John Eldredge is a book that really revolutionized my parenting and dealing with my husband, my understanding of males.  It really gives you a clear understanding of the way boys tick.  When Daniel was a toddler and jumped off the coffee table, I understood that when you are a boy and you are two you do that kind of thing - testing limits (particularly your own physical limits) is kind of a necessary reality of who boys are.
I have from time to time flipped through Captivating, the girl version of the Wild at Heart book, by John and his wife Stasi.  Recently, though I was at a bookstore closing and picked up the book and the Bible study journal for $1 for both.  So, I decided to work through the book and journal this fall. 
My favorite insight so far is about the term "helpmate" in Gen. 2:18.  I have never really liked the term helpmate.  What does a helpmate do?  Bring him cookies and put bandaids on his boo-boos?  Almost like a companion tag-along - couldn't a dog do that? 
Well, the word in Hebrew is "ezer kenegdo" and it is most used in the Bible for times when you God promises to come to your rescue in a life and death situation, when you need Him desperately.  Maybe a better translation is lifesaver who walks beside.  It is more the picture of a tag team wrestling partner.  Now, that's a role I can get into.  Are you your husband's "ezer?" 

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