Monday, July 23, 2012


We had a great time in Nashville attending MFUGE.  We love MFUGE.  It is a great introduction to Missions for students.  We also love that it is also like camp - with an amazing speaker, bible studies, band, and quiet times.  It is a great combination.  I was placed in a group ministring to Internationals.  Nashville has a huge amount of refugees.  We had around 30 kids each day at a Bible club, and just spent time loving on them and telling them about Jesus.  I learned how to make balloon animals. And I shared the gospel completely in Spanish, which was pure Jesus because I didn't know I knew most of those words.
We spent a lot of time driving.  Mostly with hands.  I enjoyed hanging out with Byron, although it was a pretty far cry from a vacation. 
Ally had a great time doing children's ministry.
Erin fell in love with several kids.  This little boy is Po and he is Burmese. I'm not quite sure I know why all these internationals are in Nashville, some came with the help of the UN, most had been in the states less than 6 months. 
We painted faces, and allowed ours to be painted.
We visited the Parthenon.  Or a Nashville replica.
We had a fun time!  And now, since we returned yesterday, I will leave out today for more FUN at Children's camp.  Yae!  And I am in charge of Arts and Crafts, so it should be an adventure.

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