Monday, June 11, 2012

Sparking Childhood

In today's world, childhood creativity sometimes needs some intentional sparking.  It is too tempting for kids to veg on media and man-made entertainment and not use their brains to CREATE.  Sometimes, parents have to give childhood a little kick to turn wandering brains in the right direction.  No, no, you misunderstand me...don't kick the kids. 
Anyway, I love creativity - kids creating stuff - especially when it is tied to a cool book.  Today I hid an awesome skeleton key in the dirt under Gracie's favorite new hiding place.  She'll find it soon and be launched into wonder and interest.  One of our favorite books is the Secret Garden, so keys like this have particular appeal.  Keys always hold an element of wonder - what could it unlock?
Another fun memory tied activity is to read a great book like the Borrowers or the Littles - or even a fairy book.  (I've never been much for fairies - I mean God creates the seasons, not Tinkerbell & her friends).  Anyway, we have on several occasions made little people towns and houses, furniture, and other fun stuff.  We also love to build homemade boats for racing down streams.  Any other cool ideas for kid- Created fun?

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Quiltingranny said...

We make little skits and plays and try to dress the part, finding hidden treasures on walks is always fun and then we have the every year watermelon and cherry pit spitting contests. Love summer!