Saturday, April 21, 2012

Technology Evaluation

I've had my IPhone five months now, and it has been so awesome.  Say what you might about our phone-dependent society - but the greatest benefit has been spiritual.  I love downloading podcasts and listening to sermons as I go about my day.  I love having my worship playlist always with me.  I have this thing for Spoken Word - like Amena Brown or cool scripture recitations set to music - I download them off Itunes.  My favorite app is my Pinterest App.  Email so easily accessible, movies and the kids and I like to play Finger Battle.
On yet another technological matter, I think Pinterest is making me LESS creative, and certainly LESS productive.  Pinterest is so amazing, but I don't have to come up with my own creative ideas anymore.  And... if I do carve out some time to do something crafty and amazing, I often just sit and get lost in finding more amazing things to do and pin to be done at some unforeseeable point in the future.  I am generally only on Pinterest at night when Byron and I are watching a movie or hanging out when the kids are in bed.  But, then I realized, I wasn't snuggling with him during that time! 

All in all, I think any of our technology use has to be evaluated.  Am I wasting my time with this?  Is it keeping me from being productive?  Let's don't even talk about Facebook shall we?  I think we should all keep a little log and record how much time we are accessing some form of media.  You'd be shocked.  I wonder how much more family time we could come up with?  Kids today are suffering from Attention Deficit in more ways than one.  Kids need more direct eye-contact from us! ... she said as she typed on the computer.  Signing off now - I got a date with the two youngest to go look for blackberries in the woods!

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