Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I just didn't do very well with my Easter photos this year. Maybe my mother-in-law got some better pictures. What's the deal with my boy messing up pictures these days with pouty faces?
But I did manage to get myself in one before my camera battery died.
And why even bother to try to get egg-hunting pictures. I have I don't know how many egg-hunting pictures through the years and they are mostly just like this. The kids still love the egg hunting, even though they are getting older. They like the money eggs. AND... in a strange turn of events, they actually prefer the boiled eggs over the candy eggs. I remember when they were small they wouldn't even pick up the boiled eggs. We had a wonderful day with a beautiful sunrise service by the water, a great church service, and a nice afternoon with family. We went swimming and spent time with cousins playing.
I hope your Easter was spent in the memory of Jesus' Resurrection and love. Have a blessed day!

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