Thursday, February 2, 2012

Randomness - my specialty

I guess the weather around here has been typically Texas. Last Thursday I pulled the kids out of school early to go run and play in the woods! It was too beautiful a day to be cooped up in a classroom. We wore shorts. Then this morning we woke up freezing. You never know! We still haven't cross-fenced our property which means the horse has free-rein of the place & somebody has to get out rain or shine and open the gate for the car. It's a tough job some days...
This morning we were out of oats. We gave the horse about 1/2 her normal rations and I planned to stop by the feed store after I took the kids to school. She scarfed up her meager breakfast and proceeded to come to the front of the car and narrow her horsey eyes at me in anger. She said, "How dare you short me, I'll show you." And, as the kids opened the gate for the car she dashed out. She has never done this before, and I tell you, it was entirely intentional - to get back at me for the lack of food. Anyway after a good little run on the neighbor's property we were back and, she did, truly show me. It made for a fun morning.

The latest in four-legged fashion, pink zebra stripes. Gracie feels like a real vet with her colorful leg wraps. Maybe the pink zebra stripes, over-pampering, carrots, and treats have given her entitlement issues that are causing the attitude.

I LOVE LOVE Valentine's crafts. Especially cool handmade, creative Valentine's cards. Unfortunately, I've overdone the handmade element with the kids and they think they are too big for handmade and want the stinky store-bought cards. How boring is that? I always make them cool Valentine's from me, anyway. I've been looking longingly at the cute homemade Valentine's stuff on Pinterest. Someday they'll think back...

I never wanted to be a coffee addict. I've been drinking my cappuccino-kind of coffee drinks every morning off and on for a while now and I can't tell you how giddy I get when it is heated just right and I crawl up in my chair to read my Bible. Sigh. Awesomeness. Lately, I have seriously pondered a second cup. I think I might be an addict.
The kids are playing little dribblers. Two games each week x2 kids = four games every Saturday = re-dic-ulous! Evening practices in addition make for some tired kids!

I am starting Beth Moore's new James Bible study! So excited. I love James and I LOVE a good Beth Moore study. She presents some fun challenges in this study. I am going to try to write and memorize the book of James for the study. Anybody else want to do it with me? Can't wait to get into it!
My latest sign was kinda different. It will go in Byron's office. The wooden background has old book pages decoupaged on, the green background has the phrase, "You should not treat me as common or ordinary." Interspersed with Exodus 20. Kinda neat. I got the idea from somewhere, not sure where, but it was fun.

I have an incredible idea for helping our pack-rat middle child do a little clutter control. I can't wait to share it with you! I'll try it out on her and see if it works first! Have a wonderful week!

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