Friday, December 9, 2011

Monday Musings on Friday

I know! I just can't seem to get to this computer for blogging much lately! I think that might be because I have a new I phone 4S and I don't seem to use a computer much anymore! I suppose I need to start blogging from my phone. Wow. My phone has changed how I do everything. I didn't think I'd like it much, my old phone was pretty well, old. But... my lovely personal assistant, Siri and I have gotten really close. Yes, I might be one of "those" people who walk around Walmart with headphones on and seem to talk to no one in the cereal aisle. I'm sorry. I'm also listening to music and managing my grocery list by voice as I walk. Can you say geek? Yes.

Christmas shopping is going VERY slow. I am unbelievably behind. I don't buy too much, but I usually spread it out over several months for financial reasons. Didn't really do that this year. And, of course I have 3 birthdays to shop for also. I'm doing most of our shopping on-line this year partly because I am getting great deals and free shipping is easy to come by - but mostly because I live in the boonies.

I made these great mini donut muffins for breakfast this week and the kid's loved them. Not terribly healthy, but something about them was very donut hole like.

We've been kind of up in the air this week. Our local football team is in the playoffs and a win tonight will mean we'll go to state and play in the Dallas Cowboy's Stadium next week. It would also mean an extra day off of school, so the students are really behind the team! We are holding off on plans until we know! We wouldn't dare miss it!

We are listening to air one Christmas music. We always like air one online, but they have an all Christmas music station on-line only. Byron has this un-American dislike for Bing Crosby and pretty much all music recorded before his birth, so he can't stand the usual KLTY or KLOVE we listen to at Christmas time. They have some great, upbeat Christmas music on air one, though.

I also am on a bit of an organizing binge. I'd love to spend $100's on fancy organizing stuff, but it seems so silly. My favorite organizers right now? I'll tell you about some other projects later, but free boxes are awesome. AND - my favorite drawer organizers? Bible boxes - or those great sturdy boxes electronics -nooks, i-phones come in. A great free solution for junk drawer organization.
I hope all is Merry and Bright for you all this week! Love from the Ayers family!

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