Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Candid Christmas Pictures

These hats seem to be all the rage 'round here. Gracie has barely taken hers off since Christmas.

Here's what our house looks like at 6am on Christmas morning. Not a pretty sight, but a happy one.

Okay, Tomato soup always looks kinda gross cooking, but I love my new spoon holder. My husband loves gadgets like this and I think this one is genius! Now quickly look away from the poorly cleaned up ring around the burner of spilled chocolate from Christmas cooking and focus on the gadget. Keepin' it real.

The whole family absolutely LOVES the awesome checkerboard made by my brother & sister-in-law for our coffee table! They've been learning how to play and are having so much fun. I love to have games as a part of our living room.

Daniel and Dad got Airsoft guns this year. They are having fun with them, and they are quieter than a BB gun, which the horse likes better too.

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