Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pearl's Palace

My husband has a slight tendency to get a tad carried away when it comes to his kids and their building projects. It's a good quality, I guess.

Gracie Pearl wanted a fort to play in, but what he built was a little more than a fort. I mean the forts I had as a kid consisted of a board nailed into a tree that I sat on to read. My husband's ideas are a bit more elaborate. We made Gracie stay inside all morning until it was done, and then we surprised her with the finished product.

Ally painted her a sign for out front.

She was pretty excited.

He basically built her a 4x8 cabin! It's all screened in to keep bugs out. We used some recycled stuff and the boards we removed from a fence we took down in our back yard.

Is he an awesome daddy, or what?

What a great place for overnight campouts and lots of amazing pretend adventures - and just a quiet place to get away and read. The other 2 kids are placing orders for their forts - and I'm thinkin' that with just a few modifications -he could build me something like this for a pretty sweet chicken coop. Daddy's gonna take a break and go back to work, though. We worked him pretty hard today!

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