Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Life has been kind of crazy lately! Our living room has looked like THIS for far too long. Our closing on our house was put off - the whole process has been kinda stressful. But, we are set to close on our wonderful new house tomorrow! God is good! These boxes are actually mostly empty, so there is still much to do! We spent a few hours in the hallway last night while tornado threats surrounded us. The dog enjoyed it.
Coach pitch is in full swing!

Spending time with Besties!

Byron has been driving an hour each Wednesday night to work with the students in our new church. It'll be so much easier when we are living there.

School is creeping on at a snails pace. My boy has become difficultly reluctant and highly distracted. We are all kind of distracted, I guess. We will finish many of our subjects this week, which will be nice.

Our dog is on a diet & exercise plan - the vet said she is too fat - which doesn't help her hips.

We've had some fun times with cousins and grandparents.

We found a few Easter eggs. The biggest joy of Easter for us is that our debt is paid! I mean that spiritually and financially! Our IRS debt is paid! Yae! This was a huge Easter blessing to us! We've struggled with this for years - thank you Lord for your MANY blessings!

And we have a crazy schedule of plays, projects, end of the year stuff, sports, church, and ... too much. I am ready for the summer! I almost bought a 1000 piece puzzle last week kind of as a symbol of the slow pace I desire for the summer. Puzzles are for lazy days when there is NOTHING better to do. The town we are moving to is notorious for crazy long trains trapping you for long periods of time. If you are in a hurry - too bad. We have talked a lot about life slowing down to the speed of one of those slow moving trains. It's a good thing! Slow speeds ahead!

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