Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Organizin' and Prioritizin'

My April calendar is a sea of scribbles and activity. It makes me cross-eyed just to look at it. But, it's all good. Married as I am to the man I am - I've come to expect April to be like this. Ball season and so much more is upon us. My husband coaches two teams. Spring fever hits and active schedules make for some tired, cranky kids. As a mom, I have to take all my planning and organization up a notch to keep everyone functioning. Here's some of the things I do:

  • First things first - Ask yourself - what can I do about this schedule? Do we really have to do THAT THIS month? What can we eliminate? Can I get some help carpooling kids so I don't have to drive around like a maniac? What nights are currently unscheduled that we can declare off limits for further activity?

  • MORE menu planning - realistic planning - which for me means bring realistic about what nights we are eating out and realizing that it's okay to plan for popcorn and apples as a meal - and cereal night if it brings me more peace. AND I need to plan for the whole month instead of just 2 weeks. AND when I do cook, I need to double or triple it because I'm not going to be spending much time in the kitchen. Note to self: Store up some freezer food next March.

  • BAGS - I've got about 3 bags with various items we need for various places we will regularly go. My waiting at sports practice bag has granola bars and other snacks and some entertainment items, extra water, sunglasses, and other items that might be useful. I don't really have time to be Ms. Coupon clipper right now, so I have a bag that I shove all the deals and useful adds into. So yes, I am probably THAT chick in Walmart blocking the aisle saying, "Didn't I have a coupon for that?"

  • Careful planned leave times and more time for getting out the door. I have to know when I am walking out the door and spend the 20 minutes before making sure everyone has it together. I yell a loud 10 minute warning, and my kids know they better get themselves together.

  • Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. I can let myself relax some of my standards in housecleaning -(I'm sure my husband's laughing right now at that one). I now declare April no company month - so don't come to visit our house this month, I won't let you in- and so there you go - it won't be "company clean." There are currently a lot of moving boxes that have to be navigated through anyway.

  • As part of prioritizing, I have to realize the priorities of other members of my family. Baseball and softball come just below God and church to many members of this family. So at the top of my list is keeping all sporting clothing clean and quickly available in a bag on a hook in the laundry room. My husband also insists that children are incredibly early and excessively prepared for each practice and game. I submit to that ruling - though it is not something I particularly feel strongly about - for this month it's high on my priority list just because it is high on his!

  • Finally, oxygen mask. oxygen mask. oxygen mask. You know, they tell you on planes if there is a crash mom's goes on first - then you can help the children. Find your oxygen mask this month and make time for it. Quiet time with God may have to start earlier - or come while waiting for kids at practice - or both. I gotta make sure I stock plenty of that fancy vanilla caramel latte stuff I love - and just for this month I may need a secret, hidden stash of chocolate kisses and Coca Cola. And don't even think I'm sharing them!

This too will pass - I am just holding out for some lazy summer days! Bring it on!

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