Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flight Plan

Flight Plan is an amazing book to guide boys into manhood. It is really well done. Boys are going to think this book is cool and really enjoy going through it. I think it would be appropriate for 5th -9th graders. There is a chapter on sex, but it is well done and certainly something that needs to be discussed! Every chapter is written with an element of preparing a warrior for battle, with excitement, preparing boys to be powerful men of God; not men of a weak, whipped faith! Love that! Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

Make smart choices today that will impact their future
· Become responsible and accountable
· Handle changes in both their body and their relationships
· Understand the risks of drugs and alcohol
· Develop a God-centered life

I would highly recommend this book to go through as a one-on-one discipleship or with a church or school group of boys. There's even a new 13 session DVD that goes along with it! You can visit the website and see a trailer and interviews with the author HERE. The website even has a preview of the book and lots of other great resources. You can purchase the book for $14.99 HERE

I have one tiny complaint about this otherwise ideal book. The print was really small and my almost 40 year old old husband refused to read it. He'd have loved it, too. Maybe I'll buy him some bifocals or a big magnifying glass or something so he can read it with Daniel.

I was given Flight Plan by B&B Media Group for the purposes of review only.

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