Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Double Digits

Gracie turns 10 today! We are having a few of her friends over tomorrow to go skating with her, but we celebrated with a school holiday and lots of fun today. She wanted to go on a bike ride and have the whole day to spend playing with her brother (they are major buds lately). The sparkler in the cake was a bit scary by the way.
Unfortunately her cake was a bit of a train wreck. It seems I've been plagued with several major culinary disasters lately - but this one literally takes the cake. The cake (not pictured) looked nice, your average round 2 tiered cake with one tier slightly smaller, chocolate frosting with Sixlets decorating it as requested by the birthday girl. Just before supper I reached into an upper cabinet and a jar came crashing down onto the cake shattering the glass cake stand it was on and sending glass everywhere. What a MESS! My husband, the hero as always, jumps into action to handle messes so I ran to HEB to pick up a store-bought cake. So, this photo is cake #2.

She talked us into letting her open her presents the night before her birthday. She was torn - she wanted Daddy to be there for present opening, but didn't want to wait until evening to open them (dad leaves too early to be here for A.M. present opening).

She got a pogo stick which she has LOVED, a skateboard, and some awesome red rubber boots, and a few other things.

Since there were no actual presents on her birthday, we went overboard with tons of decorations all over the house.
We went to Bahama Bucks for their awesome root beer snowcones, went to the library, went for a bike ride, and she spent a birthday gift card from her great-grandma.
Happy Birthday, Gracie Pearl! I can't believe you're 10!

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