Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What We've Been Up To...

We've been busy with school and activities lately. Our select softball season is winding down with just 2 tournaments remaining. My organized back to school routine is quickly unraveling and the first of school diligence in our studies slipping away. Now is the time to really be vigilant about everything and renew my efforts, maybe think of some creative ideas to keep everyone motivated.

Two of my kid's good friends have just moved to India as missionaries. We have been praying for India this school year and learning a bit about it. We are LOVING the Sonlight Passport to India program. You can still sign up for this FREE program which runs through November.
Go HERE to find out more.

You get a neat little kit with passports and a bank for collecting loose change to help support Children's Bible Clubs. The video lessons have been really fun and give you a great glimpse of the real India.

November is shaping up to be crazy. I usually sit down at the first of each month and look at everything that is going on. It's always a sign of trouble when I have to begin really scheduling 2 weeks or more before it gets here.

Ally, our oldest, will be having surgery in November to remove a birthmark on her head. Our 19th wedding anniversary is coming soon as well. Then, we have to tackle the over-ambitious craft projects my kids (okay and I'm just as guilty) are planning for holiday gift giving.

Now is the time for some serious organization! The great weather kind of makes me want to curl up and get cozy, but it is time to get the tennie shoes on and get moving! I'll share with you later in the week my plan to tackle it all!

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