Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday as Usual

We had our usual Saturday. Up and off to softball at 5:30am - well, not me - Ally & Daddy - (I missed the 1st couple-a games). Home at almost midnight. A football game, hour drive, too much sugar, and lots of running around and worn out kids in the mix. And they head out to do it all over again at 5:30am tomorrow. If things do not go well, they might make it in to sit with me at the 12:00 church service. I think God has a way of making sure they are in church Sunday morning. :)
All the teams wear special crazy uniforms for Halloween tournaments. Her socks are crazy miss-matched. Some teams were dressed like zombies, it was pretty wild. The morning started off with temperatures in the 40's, the afternoon 80's, and we were snuggled up in blankets shivering during the last game. Texas weather craziness!

I didn't get a picture of Gracie asleep during the last game of the evening. It was a really good, and very LOUD game, yet she slept through it. She has slept through several concerts, fireworks, and all kinds of other major events - why not softball too? When it is time to crash, she doesn't let anything stop her. Gotta love that quality in a kid.
And WHY may you ask am I still up at almost 1am? I'm waiting to switch the laundry over so uniforms can be clean tomorrow morning. Her daddy said, "Just let her sleep in it and wear it again tomorrow, she'll be okay." Gross! No way!

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