Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Today is the first day of fall and I have my windows open and air off loving the 78 degree morning weather. Sure, it will probably be back to 90+ by this afternoon. I am so crazy about FALL! It is my favoritest time of year! There is nothing I love to wear like long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters! And I love open windows. Ahh. But there is this small part of me that starts to feel a bit of...maybe dread. Mainly because where in the world is that Christmas savings account I was planning to build up by now? There's that whole holiday season coming up at the end of fall. 3 kid's birthdays and Christmas all within 20 days of each other makes for a crazy (and expensive) end of the year for us.

But, let's try to dwell on the good. Think about the death of mosquitoes in the cold, snuggling under a quilt, and soup weather. Those are good thoughts.

So, I felt I needed a Fall To Do List just for me. A list of some really neat things I want to do this season.

1. Make homemade bread bowls for soup. AKA: Find more ways to get family to eat more soup. Last year my family was kindly groaning over the many soup meals I prepared.

2. Designate some meal plan nights. Homemade pizza night, breakfast night, kid cook night, or maybe...soup night?

3. Make time to finish 2 lingering craft projects just for me. A Texas quilt I have been working on FOREVER and a crochet blanket I am having fun with.

4. Run. okay. walk quickly. some. at least exercise. maybe jog around the house once when I walk to the mailbox. I took one look through the window at that Zumba at the Y and it scared me to death. I don't have near the rhythm for that. It'd be a train wreck and I might take a couple-a-people in Yoga pants out with me.

5. I have this BLISSFUL kid-free morning once a week while the kids are at co-op and it just makes me giddy with creative potential. I'd like to stay organized enough so that I can sit in a clean house with nothing pressing to take that time away. I'd love to use that time to study my Bible and write and read. It's so hard to relax and really enjoy that extra time when piles of laundry are staring at me or grocery shopping to be done! I need to work out another time to do my grocery shopping.

I'm gonna splurge on a big bouquet of mums & sunflowers to celebrate the end of 100 degree days! As we say in Texas, happy fall ya'll!

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