Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweat, Blood, and Tears Review

Becoming a Man: Sweat, Blood, and Tears Required by Xan Hood is one of those books that revolutionizes the way you look at men and boys. For me it brought a lot of realizations and refreshed in me lots of attitudes about raising my son (and understanding my husband) that are so important.

The book brought a lot of the understanding that I had in reading the book Wild at Heart by John Elderidge, but this book really brought the need of men to be challenged to a whole new level. I read Wild at Heart when my son was 1 year old and realized right then that boys need to test and challenge themselves constantly, and we have to allow them to do it.

Before our son was even walking, he hoisted himself up on top of our coffee table, got to a standing position and looked around as if he had just conquered a mountain. I came in and caught him just as he launched himself off into a head first dive. Now, mind you, he was not even 1 yet! But, in that flicker of a moment I could see in his eyes a special glimmer, a twinkle of challenge, something I had never ever seen in his rational, logical thinking two older sisters. It was then that I called my husband in horror thinking I am going to have to keep a leash on this boy! And in his usual way, Byron calmly shared with me what has become kind of a motto for us in dealing with our boy, "Sometimes you just have to jump off the coffee table." Meaning of course, boys are going to test themselves physically and test ME in every other way - even from age one.

My husband and I both LOVED this book! It is a total must read for anyone with a boy of any age! Byron loved it because it is written for men - way short chapters, neat stories, and lots of action. It is Xan's own vulnerable story and just contains some incredible insight as to why so many men who are now in their 20's are struggling to make the transition into adulthood. It is packed with great spiritual insight and wisdom, but it is so fun to read, not all philosophical and wordy.

I would love to send my son when he is 18 to Xan's Training Ground discipleship program in Colorado! Go HERE to see what I am talking about. That link has a great short video that really helps you understand what Xan's book is about. Go HERE to order this book for $14.99. If you have a boy or a man in your life, this is a wonderful book to help you understand what it takes for God to get their attention. I also think this would be a great book to help Christian parents understand a son who you might say is a "prodigal." Put this book on your MUST READ list!
Disclosure: David C. Cook provided Sweat, Blood and Tears for the purposes of review only.

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