Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yesterday I had a much needed teacher workday to get ready for our upcoming school year. I convinced a sweet friend of mine to switch out taking each other's kids for a day. Our kids play so well together BOTH days were really nice for me.

I have most of my school year organized, but I have about 4 areas I wanted to create my own teaching materials. Why do I do that to myself when there is so much great stuff out there? I know. I know.

So, these are the BIGS on my back to school to-do list:
1. Compiling a Texas History gameplan
2. Lining up plans for grammar
3. Write 3 exciting, continuing 45 minute scavenger hunts that incorporate art elements and art history for my co-op classes - ambitious?
4. And finally, it just so happens on today's do list - plan for Bible Memory!

#4 DONE! My friend Sharon at the blog posted just this morning about THE MOST INCREDIBLE WEBSITE! WOW! It is called Seeds Family Worship. There is a whole CD here free to listen to online with pure scripture songs that are AWESOME! I can see the whole family really enjoying this a lot. ALSO -Click on the KIDS tab for printable memory cards and checklists!

I have several kids scripture CDs -but I tell you the little squeaky high pitched voices make all of us want to do anything but listen! My kids have been raised on a lot of cool Christian adult music and they can't stand the dorky little kid stuff.
Daniel asked me, "Mom, can we listen to this every morning over breakfast?"
"Yes son, I'm thinking I don't mind that."

I have got to order some of these CD's for the car! LOVE IT!

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Sharon said...

How cool is that?! Amazing how God answers our prayers... even for the small things (although hiding His word in our hearts isn't really a small thing, huh?).

Good Stuff!