Monday, August 16, 2010


The school room is all ready & waiting.
Cutsies all set up and binders & supplies all organized and ready to go... 7 up for the 7th graders. Yes, that is plural. I am homeschooling Ally's best friend as well this year - which will be a ton of fun.

Daniel can't wait for school to start! He's excited about all the adventures of this year! Harder math, fun classes, flag football.

Gracie's ready too, although I think she is dreading some parts. We have such great co-op classes this year all the kids can't wait for those! Gracie will take sewing, writing, a class all about the presidents and lots more. She is going to play Upwards basketball, volleyball, and run track in the spring. Co-op classes won't start till September, so we'll take Friday's off for a month. These 4 day weeks make for a nice, slow start to the year.
Ally has so many neat things going on this year, especially being part of the youth group. She will do softball, volleyball, track, lots of co-op classes like Theater, debate, p.e., just to name a few. I'm letting her start at 9 because she wants to do her quiet time and 1 1/2 hours of pitching and batting every morning. She'll still have to get up pretty early to get all that done.
We are off to a great start, and thankfully Daddy won't be traveling quite so far to work everyday and he can come home for lunch sometimes. We had Oreo Klondike bars for a special treat after lunch. It seems a bit more hectic as everyone remembers how things work, and remembers to have a little more patience as we work out one-on-one time with mom (interruptions are always a challenge).

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